Fundraising is hard. We're making it easier.

Discover, engage, and steward donors like never before. This is Fundraising Intelligence.

The Problem

Fundraising professionals are facing a huge problem. It’s called the Fundraising Blindspot.

Today’s nonprofits need data-driven insights to find best-fit donors and inspire them with the right message, at the right time. Problem is, the intelligence tools needed for this—tools that for-profit professionals use daily—don’t exist for nonprofits. Instead, nonprofits are still stuck working in spreadsheets—with no AI, no automation, and zero strategic insights. The result is clunky donor data, spread all over, and a truckload of manual work just to get anything useful out of it. We call this the Fundraising Blindspot. And we believe nonprofit, education, and healthcare organizations deserve so much more.

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The Solution

Fundraising Intelligence.

Kindsight is a whole new way to fundraise that’s purpose built to address the Fundraising Blindspot. It starts by getting all of your data into one place, finally. From here, Kindsight lets you target best-fit donors, reach out to them with the right message, at the right time, and even manage your entire donor pipeline—all from one powerful platform.

We call it fundraising intelligence. And it gives fundraising professionals the long-overdue tools to do even more of the good they do.

Fundraising Intelligence software

The Platform

Finally, a fundraising platform that can keep up.


Find your people.

Tap into the world’s largest real-time donor database to target right-fit donors, at just the right time.

  • See who’s giving back, to any cause.
  • Vet and prioritize donors with a Kindsight Score.
  • Match donors to the right fundraising program with the right ask.
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Nonprofit Operating System

Engage with donors.

Task AI to create authentic, empathy-driven content, so you can spend more time building donor relationships.

  • Personalize messaging for any situation.
  • Create content across every channel.
  • Write an entire campaign, in seconds.
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UC Innovation

Manage it all.

Experience a CRM designed specifically for advancement, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations.

  • Create a single source of truth.
  • Know where and when to reach out again.
  • Manage all your donor gifts, automatically.
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Our customers are our biggest inspiration.


How the Catholic Community Foundation increased giving by 40%.

And raised over $12.5 million dollars, from tens of thousands of donors, with iWave’s comprehensive donor screening and engagement tools.

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Nonprofit Operating System

“We can’t get rid of this EVER! I don’t know how to do my job anymore without this”

NonprofitOS creates personalized content, across channels, in a matter of seconds, with a generative AI purpose-built for fundraising engagement.

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UC Innovation

“ascend compliments Salesforce’s natural strengths while enhancing it with advancement-specific functionality that meets the needs of even the most complex fundraising organizations.”

— Chris Speier, Chief Data Officer, Texas A&M

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