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Kindsight for Community Foundations

Identify the right donors, engage them in a more meaningful way, and fundraise more efficiently to drive more impact in your community.

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  • All-in-one, future proof system of record.

    Whether you’re looking for an out-of-the-box purpose-built CRM or you need a tailored version unique to your organization, you get the best of both worlds with Kindsight— maximum flexibility, robustness, and scalability.

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  • Diversify your donor base.

    Small or out-of-date database? No problem. Get real-time accurate data on donors, identify best-fit new prospects, and fuel all of your fundraising programs with ideal donors.

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  • Drive meaningful engagement.

    Get the right message to the right people at the right time. Kindsight’s intelligence tells you who to reach out to, when to do it, and what the best medium is—it even writes the first draft for you.

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Mason Bultje
Annual Fund Manager - The Sportsmen's Tennis & Enrichment Center Inc.

"With Kindsight you have the information AND the insights, and you can trust that it will guide you in the right direction."

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Game-changing features.

  • All-In-One CRM

    Keep track of every donor with a powerful system of record designed specifically for fundraising.

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  • Live Donor Profiles

    Automatically maintain comprehensive donor profiles complete with the latest biographic data, wealth information, giving history, and actionable insights.

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  • Engagement-boosting Generative AI

    Create campaigns, grants, thank you letters, email appeals, social media posts, and more, faster—all using your voice and tailored to your audience.

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  • Constituent Portal

    Grow your engaged donor pool with an integrated portal that dynamically delivers curated content, empowers members to connect, and drives impact.

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  • Hyper-Targeted Prospect Lists

    Fuel your donor pipeline with curated, high-quality prospect lists, full of donors who are most likely to give to your organization, generated in record time.

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  • Real-Time Alerts

    Set intelligent alerts to update you any time there’s an important change for donors warranting outreach.

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