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Kindsight for Arts & Culture Organizations

Secure sustainability and growth with a modern fundraising platform that does it all—find and engage the most promising prospects, drive operational efficiency, and deliver unforgettable experiences.

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Thrive in a shifting environment with modern fundraising.

  • One platform to manage all touchpoints.

    Empower every team with a purpose-built CRM that centralizes all donor and patron information and facilitates personalized communication based on data-driven recommendations.

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  • Reach the right donors at the right time.

    Use the world’s largest proprietary donor database and actionable insights to transform patrons from transactional supporters into dedicated champions. Instantly uncover their interests, motivations, and financial capacity to supporting your organization—without spending hours researching.

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  • Build meaningful relationships.

    Show donors that you value their support and are invested in their involvement by using generative AI to create personalized communication at scale.

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  • Deepen connections to your organization.

    Create an online portal that helps your donors build a community with other patrons of your organization and simplifies online donations.

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Paulette Scrima
Prospect Researcher - Field Museum Of Natural History

"I told my boss the moment I came on board that Kindsight is a must. Kindsight always provides such great service and makes my life easier."

Used by the best.

Game-changing features.

  • Flexible Ecosystem

    Scale, customize, and integrate Kindsight according to your institution's unique needs.

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  • All-in-one CRM

    Build one source of truth for data and activities, create campaigns, and streamline ops.

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  • Live Donor Profiles

    Instantly access accurate biographic and wealth data, giving history, and actionable insights.

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  • Time-saving Automation

    Streamline complex pledge commitments, bulk processing, gift matching, and more.

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  • Engagement-boosting Generative AI

    Create personalized content faster and more consistently across all channels.

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  • Modern Gift Processing

    Automate complex gift processing and end time-consuming data entry.

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