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  • Go from first draft to final draft in minutes.

    Generate authentic, empathy-driven content 16x faster with AI that is tailored exclusively for education, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations of all types.

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  • Create donor experiences that drive impact.

    Use 80+ guided prompts to draft campaigns, grants, thank you letters, email appeals, social media posts, and more—all using your voice and tailored to your audience.

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  • Leverage AI tailored to the nuances of nonprofits.

    engage models understand the drivers of donor behaviors, are trained for fundraising best practices, and utilize sector-specific language.

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Francesca Dobbyn
Executive Director, United Way of Bruce Grey

United Way Bruce Grey

"I was in meetings all afternoon and when I emerged, my fundraiser was all ‘OMG….we can’t get rid of this EVER!’ And I quote ‘I don’t know how to do my job anymore without this.’ Thank you!"

We thought of everything.

  • Automated First Draft

    Deliver the experiences donors expect with hyper-personalized communication, campaigns, and other content powered by data, analytics, and AI.

  • Omnichannel Campaign Generation

    Generate a campaign brief and swiftly craft various content types including social media posts, emails, direct mailings, and phone call scripts using just one prompt.

  • Brand Voice and Donor Personas

    Generate content based on your unique brand voice and tone, and live donor profiles to customize content based on each donor’s unique characteristics and motivations.

  • Chat with My Documents

    Upload documents and effortlessly transform the content into meeting talking points, insightful quotes and excerpts for social media posts, and more.

  • AI-Powered Grant-Writing

    engage’s AI is trained with a database of successful applications to help you create winning grant proposals.

  • Privacy and Security

    Built-in privacy and security guards ensure sensitive donor information is not used or shared with the AI model or any other organization, and your content is not used to train the models.

engage, by the numbers.

  • 16x

    faster content creation

  • 80+

    guided prompts

  • 40k+

    Pieces of content generated

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