What is Kindsight?

Kindsight is the combination of three companies, created to help you have a greater impact.

We have four market-leading solutions combined into a single integrated platform:

  1. A CRM built on Salesforce
  2. Real-time insights about hundreds of millions of donors
  3. AI to create personalized donor engagement
  4. A customizable online donor experience.

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Are Kindsight’s solutions available for individual purchase?

Yes, they’re available together or on their own. Whether you choose to start small and grow or go big and get the full benefit of the integrated platform right away, they help you achieve better results with less stress on your team.

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What is the Fundraising Blindspot?

The Fundraising Blindspot encompasses the most critical challenges facing fundraisers today:

  • Intensifying Competition: More nonprofit and higher education organizations are vying for a shrinking pool of donors.
  • Eroding Trust: Trust in nonprofits and higher education institutions is at an all-time low.
  • Evolving Demographics: The donor base is becoming younger and more digitally savvy, necessitating a shift in engagement strategies.

Traditional fundraising solutions fall short in addressing these challenges due to several key issues:

  • Siloed Donor Data: Information about donors is fragmented and inaccessible.
  • Insufficient Audience Insights: There is a lack of comprehensive knowledge about target audiences.
  • Outdated Outreach Methods: One-size-fits-all approaches are ineffective for modern donor engagement.

By recognizing and addressing these blindspots, fundraisers can develop more effective strategies to connect with donors and build lasting support.

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What is Fundraising Intelligence?

Fundraising Intelligence, powered by Kindsight, is a comprehensive platform designed to revolutionize fundraising for nonprofits and higher education. Combining four market-leading solutions into a single platform, nonprofits and higher education can fuel their donor base with ideal prospects, engage donors more effectively, respond to new opportunities quicker, and manage everything in one place.

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What problems does Fundraising Intelligence solve?

Fundraising Intelligence addresses the challenges of disconnected and spotty donor data, manual processes, and lack of strategic insights that plague many nonprofit and higher education organizations. By providing advanced analytics, real-time alerts, and personalized content generation, it empowers fundraisers to target the right donors with the right message at the right time.

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What are some key features of the Kindsight platform?

Kindsight offers a range of features tailored to meet the needs of nonprofits and higher education:

  • Automatically maintain hundreds of millions of donor profiles, including people, foundations, and companies.
  • All-in-one CRM serving as a single source of truth for data and activities and managing everything from campaign creation to operational streamlining.
  • Automated content generation with AI-powered tools for personalized communication across multiple channels.
  • Time-saving automation that streamlines complex pledge commitments, bulk processing, and gift matching
  • Constituent portals for fostering community engagement and inspiring action.

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How does Kindsight differ from traditional fundraising tools?

Kindsight offers a whole new level of integration and functionality compared to traditional fundraising tools:

  • Comprehensive Data Integration: Kindsight seamlessly integrates first-party and third-party data sources, providing organizations with deeper insights and actionable intelligence.
  • Real-time Updates: Unlike static data generated through traditional screening methods, Kindsight offers continuously updated data in real-time, ensuring that organizations always have access to the latest information.
  • AI-powered Efficiency: The integration of engage enables AI-driven content generation and task automation, significantly improving the efficiency of fundraising efforts.
  • Proactive Outreach: Kindsight enables organizations to proactively engage in outreach and engagement, leveraging insights and analytics to drive meaningful interactions with donors.

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What is the advantage of integrating all Kindsight products?

By integrating ascend, iwave, engage, and connect into one powerful platform, Kindsight offers nonprofit and higher education organizations a comprehensive solution for fundraising intelligence and donor engagement. From enhanced donor insights to proactive outreach and efficient task management, Kindsight empowers organizations to optimize their fundraising efforts and drive meaningful impact.

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How does Kindsight ensure data privacy and security?

Kindsight prioritizes data privacy and security through a comprehensive approach, including stringent measures such as not sharing client data, hosting data on the secure AWS cloud computing environment, and adhering to industry standards and regulations like SOC 2, CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, and the FEC Act.

Kindsight ensures transparency by vetting data providers and partners, conducting regular assessments to stay updated with best practices, and integrating security into its platform design with features like secure coding, encryption, and multi-factor authentication. Moreover, Kindsight offers tailored solutions for healthcare clients and incorporates privacy safeguards to prevent the unauthorized use or sharing of sensitive donor information.

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Why is Kindsight transitioning away from wealth screening?

Kindsight is transitioning away from wealth screens to introduce Live Donor Profiles because traditional wealth screening methods have limitations. Wealth screens offer only a snapshot of donors’ financial status and philanthropic interests at a specific moment, which quickly becomes outdated due to changing financial situations and evolving donor preferences. Additionally, the resource-intensive process of continuous screening and inefficient data integration with CRM systems pose challenges for organizations.

Live Donor Profiles provide real-time access to updated donor information, offering dynamic insights and enhancing efficiency in donor management practices.

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How does Kindsight’s real-time donor database benefit fundraisers?

Kindsight offers access to the world’s largest proprietary donor database, which is constantly updated in real time. This database contains hundreds of millions of live donor profiles, enabling fundraisers to uncover opportunities instantly and respond effectively to changes in donor profiles. It provides key insights and accurate data to drive fundraising efforts.

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Can Kindsight integrate with other CRM systems?

Absolutely. Kindsight offers robust integrations with various CRM systems, providing valuable prospect and donor intelligence to personalize engagement and streamline administrative tasks. These integrations save time and enhance donor experiences by delivering seamless data flow and comprehensive insights.

However, we believe Ascend is the best CRM on the market. We highly recommend you check out Ascend for an unparalleled CRM experience!

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How does Kindsight’s AI-powered content generation work?

Kindsight’s AI-powered content generation leverages human-centered AI to create authentic, empathy-driven content tailored for nonprofits. With over 80 guided prompts, fundraisers can draft campaigns, grants, thank you letters, and more—16 times faster. The AI models are trained for fundraising best practices and learn exclusively from nonprofit users, ensuring sector-specific language and effectiveness.

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How can nonprofits and advancement get started with Kindsight?

Nonprofits and advancement can request a demo of Kindsight’s various products—iwave, engage, connect, and ascend—to see how they can transform their fundraising strategies.

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