Turn data into donations.

Find and qualify potential donors with the world’s largest proprietary donor database that’s updated in real time.

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Remove the guesswork.

  • Leverage hundreds of millions of live donor profiles...

    Uncover and respond to opportunities instantly with real-time alerts about changes in donor profiles—all backed by key insights and accurate data.

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  • ...then identify best-fit prospects, instantly.

    Predict who is likely to give to your cause, drive the right action and engagement, and fuel all of your fundraising programs with ideal donors.

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Veronica Bernace
Senior Manager, Prospect Research and Portfolio Management—United Way of Miami

"Kindsight is extremely user-friendly, with a great interface, and awesome customer service. "

We thought of everything.

  • Live Profiles

    Automatically maintain hundreds of millions of donor profiles, including people, foundations, and companies.

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  • AI-Powered Prospect Lists

    Build hyper-targeted, high-quality prospect lists, in record time.

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  • Advanced Modeling and Analytics

    Search the largest real-time gift database, with over 220 million gift records, and 2 million more added monthly.

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  • Billions of Data Points

    Qualify donors with the most comprehensive source of philanthropic, wealth, and biographic data.

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  • Real-Time Alerts

    Leverage new intelligence and automatic profile updates to uncover opportunities and make timely requests.

  • Powerful Integrations

    Connect to Kindsight’s CRM (or another CRM) and instantly access data-rich insights and intelligence.

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Kindsight by the numbers.

  • 47

    premium datasets

  • 1.5B

    wealth and philanthropic records

  • 17+

    quarters as the top-rated Fundraising Intelligence solution

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