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Find and Qualify Donors

Understand and act on accurate donor data and insights that are always up-to-date.

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Live donor data and insights at your fingertips, always.

  • Real–Time Donor Database

    Access hundreds of millions of Live Profiles.

    Search for donors or find new prospects with access to always up-to-date Live Profiles on individuals, foundations and companies.

  • Holistic view of donors and prospects.

    Take action based on the complete picture with profiles that are based on billions of data points consolidated from 47 wealth, philanthropic, and biographic sources.

  • Equip your entire team with intelligence.

    Share your data easily throughout your organization and provide insights to everyone with Live Profiles accessible in your CRM.

Why Live Profiles are replacing wealth screening

  • For decades nonprofits have been using wealth screening to identify prospective donors and understand their capacity to give. But, wealth screening results are a static, point-in-time view that is soon out-of-date. And constant re-screening is expensive, requiring time, effort, and investment that nonprofits cannot afford. Furthermore, getting data into the CRM where it can be actioned is inefficient and clunky, and often needs support from the IT department. Fundraising teams need timely, accurate data about their donors and prospects. That’s where Live Profiles come in.

  • Always up-to-date

    Profiles are continuously and automatically updated to reflect changes in donors’ financial situations, life events, giving behaviors, and more.

  • Diversified prospect pool

    With hundreds of millions of comprehensive individual, foundation, and corporate donor profiles at your fingertips, you have unmatched power to find ideal donors to fuel all of your fundraising programs.

  • Advanced scores and analytics

    Predict who is likely to give to your cause and how much they could give, with proprietary scores and analytics based on capacity, propensity, and affinity.

  • Real-time alerts

    Uncover and respond to opportunities quickly with instant notifications about changes to the donors and prospects Kindsight is monitoring 24/7 on your behalf.

  • Donor connections

    Connection insights on every profile help you find new prospects and build new relationships based on your donor’s network.

  • Actionable insights

    Drive the right action, personalize communications, and engage donors more meaningfully with insights into which messaging and channels to use.

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