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Learn more about your donors with the industry’s most comprehensive database of billions of philanthropic, biographic and wealth data points.

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  • Wealth Data

    Gain insight into capacity to give and determine future gift asks using wealth indicators such as real estate holdings and investments.

  • Giving Data

    Make more educated, data-driven gift asks by understanding past giving behavior and causes supported.

  • Biographic Data

    Get essential prospect information such as contact data, educational background, and professional network.

What Makes Our Data Different?

  • For precise and actionable fundraising insights, quality data is paramount. This is why we provide wealth, philanthropic, and biographic data from over 44 datasets that is unrivaled in its accuracy, robustness, and coverage.

    As a comprehensive hub, iwave equips you with all the tools necessary to assess a prospective donor’s propensity, affinity, and capacity to support your cause.

    We streamline the process by aggregating data from multiple sources and subjecting it to rigorous validation through sophisticated collection mechanisms. This ensures our data is accurate, actionable and secure, freeing you from the burden of sourcing and verifying data yourself, and allowing you to focus on your fundraising goals.

  • The Industry’s Most Up-to-Date Charitable Giving Database

    VeriGift, Kindsight’s proprietary charitable giving database, stands as the industry’s largest and most up-to-date database of charitable gift donations, recipients, and donors. VeriGift ensures the accuracy of giving records and includes linked data sources for swift and easy verification.

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Our Commitment to Transparency and Security

At Kindsight, we recognize that the foundation of our relationship with our customers is trust and security. We take this responsibility seriously, consistently upholding the highest standards of security and transparency.

  • Our rigorous vetting process for data providers and partners guarantees adherence to privacy regulations
  • Known third-party data vendors selling social media information are not compliant with CCPA, which is why iwave does not provide this type of data
  • iwave is compliant with industry privacy standards like CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, and the FEC Act, distinguishing itself by abstaining from using FEC political giving in scoring algorithms and profile record matching

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Data Suite

  • VeriGift

    Giving The largest and most up-to-date database of charitable gift donations, recipients, and donors.

  • Candid

    Giving The most comprehensive source of US private foundation and public charity information including full 990′s.

  • FEC

    Giving Federal political giving records including contribution year, range, and candidate information.

  • Elections Canada

    Giving Canadian political giving records such as donations to local candidates or specific groups.

  • OpenSecrets

    Giving State political contribution records used for gauging a prospect’s giving propensity and capacity.

  • CRA

    Giving In-depth information about Canada’s registered charitable organizations, private and public foundations.

  • Affinaquest

    Giving Discover gift-matching opportunities by identifying companies that financially match employee

  • ZoomInfo

    Biographic Biographical information on individuals and institutions including contact information.

  • Dun & Bradstreet

    Biographic US, Canadian, and international information on corporate executives and the businesses they work for.

  • Dow Jones

    Biographic Millions of philanthropic news and obituary articles from over 750 publishers.

  • Legacy.com

    Biographic Online memorial notices from 27,000+ funeral homes and 1,200+ newspaper sources

  • DatabaseUSA

    Biographic Detailed biographic information on over 22M US businesses and over 270M consumers.

  • AIdentified

    Biographic, Wealth Coming soon. Over 200 donor attributes for a 360° view of contacts.

Katherine Scott
Senior Prospect Development Officer, Toronto Metropolitan University

"Kindsight is my go-to resource for research on prospects and donors. Not only does Kindsight kick-start my research on key people, but it is also highly useful for identifying new prospects. "

Kindsight by the numbers.

  • 220M+

    charitable gift records

  • 1.2B+

    people records

  • 264M+

    company records

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