Maximize Your Fundraising Impact with iwave for Raiser’s Edge NXT

Last updated: February 22, 2024

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In the dynamic world of nonprofit fundraising, operational efficiency is not just a buzzword—it directly affects a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission, serve beneficiaries, and create lasting change. On a deeper level, it can also affect the well-being of employees, especially when the demands of a job outweigh the resources available to meet those demands. 

At a time when it feels like it’s harder to get the job done because of tight schedules, switching between apps to dig for insights and manually transferring data may feel counterproductive. And with donor data growing exponentially, managing large donor databases becomes increasingly complex when you don’t have an integrated system that can handle the growing volume of data and interactions. This is why iwave is focused on developing integrations with other CRMs. We want to help nonprofits break silos of information while creating a single view of data for more effective and efficient workflows, and simply create a better experience.

iwave for Raiser’s Edge NXT: Create your single source of truth to unlock new efficiencies

What do you get when integrating a powerful CRM with a top-rated donor research and wealth screening solution? A more efficient way of identifying and engaging top donors and a lot of happy fundraising professionals.

iwave is thrilled to introduce the new iwave for Raiser’s Edge NXT integration, designed to empower nonprofits to maximize their fundraising impact. Much time and thought has gone into this seamless integration that offers Raiser’s Edge NXT users access to the most accurate and comprehensive database of wealth, philanthropic, and biographic information, along with actionable insights—all without leaving Raiser’s Edge NXT. 

Key features include:

  • Bi-Directional Sync for Maximum Efficiency: No more manual data transfers! Accelerate donor acquisition by seamlessly pushing new prospects into Raiser’s Edge NXT and pulling iwave intel directly into constituent records.
  • 360° View of Constituents: With Fundraising Intelligence data located conveniently in NXT, easily uncover major gift and stewardship opportunities, make informed decisions on prospect and donor engagement, and optimize your cultivation strategies.
  • Scalability for Growing Nonprofits: Manage a larger donor base effortlessly with a system that can handle the increased volume of data and interactions while maintaining efficiency and accuracy.
  • Easy Updates to Data and Insights: Keeping constituent records up-to-date has never been easier. Receive the latest wealth and philanthropic data with just one click of a button. Stay ahead with the most current information effortlessly.

Final Words

Integrations such as iwave for Raiser’s Edge NXT can be a game-changer for nonprofits looking to improve their operational efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity. By consolidating donor data into a unified view, nonprofits can make informed decisions and operate more efficiently. This enables them to effectively identify and engage donors, ultimately leading to greater success in achieving their missions. To learn more about iwave for Raiser’s Edge NXT or other integrations, contact iwave.

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