Webinar FAQ: iWave Launches Generative AI with Nonprofit Operating System

Last updated: November 16, 2023

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iWave’s new product, NonprofitOS, is an AI-powered content generation tool for fundraising professionals. It acts as a fundraising co-pilot, creating first drafts that are 80% of the way there, so fundraisers simply have to edit and personalize. Using NonprofitOS leads to incredible time savings and allows fundraising professionals to focus on what matters most: creating impact and building relationships. With over 50 use cases (that support grant applications, fundraising appeals, website content, press releases, social media posts, direct mail, and meeting scripts, to name a few), it eliminates blank screens, overused templates, and carbon copy emails, providing unique first drafts for easier and more efficient content creation.

A record number of you joined Craig O’Neill, iWave’s CEO, Cherian Koshy, Founder of NonprofitOS and iWave’s VP of Product Strategy, and T. Clay Buck, iWave’s Lead Fundraising Coach, for our NonprofitOS Launch Webinar. Many great questions came in from attendees, so we decided to compile a list of FAQs for you!

How does NonprofitOS differ from other generative AI platforms?

NonprofitOS stands out from other platforms because it is designed by nonprofit experts, specifically for nonprofit organizations. It incorporates human science and data to understand donor behaviors and communication approaches that are most effective for nonprofits. Unlike static models with fixed knowledge bases and parameters, NonprofitOS learns exclusively from nonprofit users and can be fine-tuned for specific sectors.

NonprofitOS continuously adapts and improves based on user input, allowing for customization and consistency within organizations. It is continuously trained to align with an organization’s language preferences and brand voice. Unlike ChatGPT, NonprofitOS provides consistent access and allows for easy content viewing and sharing among team members. It eliminates the need to learn AI techniques and prompts, making it user-friendly and accessible for anyone within minutes.

Can researchers and other prospect development professionals use NonprofitOS?

Certainly! NonprofitOS has features that enable prospect research and development professionals to achieve substantial time efficiencies. One such feature is Document Chat, which allows you to quickly distill and synthesize donor profiles (or any document).

Here’s an example: Your CEO has a meeting with a donor, and they request that you provide them with some key information about the donor and talking points for their meeting. You can streamline this typically labor-intensive process by exporting an iWave profile, uploading it in NonprofitOS, and simply asking it to summarize the donor profile and suggest talking points. And because the information is secured in a closed database, it remains entirely safe and private.

How does NonprofitOS integrate with iWave and other platforms?

NonprofitOS does not integrate with iWave yet (coming soon) but includes features exclusively designed to work with iWave’s analytics. For example, you can use NonprofitOS to draft personalized planned giving appeals for donors that iWave has identified as ideal planned giving prospects.

Similarly, NonprofitOS does not currently connect with CRMs, but this will change in the near future. In the meantime, NonprofitOS features allow you to easily share and copy content into whatever platform you use.

Upcoming advancements with iWave and NonprofitOS will make it even easier for organizations to work inside one fully compatible ecosystem of data, content, and execution.

How secure is NonprofitOS?

We understand that you handle sensitive information, including donor details, beneficiary data, and more; this is why security is at the core of iWave, and this principle extends to NonprofitOS as well.

We are compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other privacy laws and best practices. We respect your privacy and are firmly committed to securing any information we obtain from you. For more information, you can refer to our privacy page.

In accordance with accepted best practices for using AI and machine learning tools, we advise against including any personally identifiable information in guided prompts. That said, our Document Chat feature is supported by a SOC-compliant database to ensure the security of any sensitive data within it.

How is NonprofitOS bundled into the iWave product line, and will there be separate licenses available?

NonprofitOS can be purchased as a bundle alongside iWave (allowing users to take advantage of both platforms simultaneously) or it can be purchased separately. There are three packages: Starter, Professional, and Premium, with the Starter pricing at $995 for a one-year term.

Final thoughts: NonprofitOS is here to help!

Chances are, you have a tight budget while being stretched thin, and you have a lot more work coming your way. Imagine a world where you can supercharge your productivity and write engaging content 16X faster—leveraging multiple channels, such as emails, direct mail, and social media, to deliver high-performing outreach. Or, imagine having the ability to boost donor retention by drafting stewardship emails and impactful copy for annual reports, in seconds NOT hours. This is now a reality!

NonprofitOS can help you do more for much less; empowering you, your colleagues, and volunteers to be even more effective while giving you back your time for other important tasks you need to focus on. At the end of the day, this may mean being able to go home at a reasonable hour, spend time with your friends and family, or simply take back control of your workload, all while knowing you are still doing your part for your cause.

Ready to dive into NonprofitOS? Take it for a spin with our four guided prompts here.

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