Your Fundraising Co-pilot: iWave Launches Generative AI with NonprofitOS!

Last updated: October 16, 2023

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You read it right – Nonprofit Operating System (NonprofitOS) is now an iWave product! This acquisition will take our industry-leading data and insights and make them even more actionable.

If you’re not familiar, NonprofitOS is an AI-powered content generation tool that will change the way you create content for your nonprofit. Fundraising professionals use it to generate first drafts of everything from fundraising appeals to social media posts to website copy, in minutes instead of hours. It allows you to take back your time and focus on what matters most for your organization, creating impact and building personal relationships.

We know what you may be thinking, “I don’t want AI to replace humans and their jobs”. The beauty of NonprofitOS though is that it is designed to enhance, not replace, human capabilities for increased efficiency and productivity. Think of it as your fundraising co-pilot. Using NonprofitOS you can get your content 80% of the way there and then you finesse, optimize, and deliver it.

Imagine this, no more blank screens, no more overused templates, and no more carbon copy emails used year after year. Just unique first drafts that can be further edited and personalized so you can spend less time toiling and more time connecting. That is the power of NonprofitOS.

NonprofitOS was created by Cherian Koshy, CFRE, CAP, and AFP Master Trainer. Cherian is a fundraising professional with over 25 years of experience in the nonprofit space and is one of the sector’s most esteemed speakers and thought leaders. Like iWave, NonprofitOS was specifically designed for nonprofit organizations with industry best practices in mind. And since it is generative AI, the model evolves and improves with your input and can lead to a high level of customization and consistency for your organization.

What is Generative AI?

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) describes algorithms that can be used to create new content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos. The most popular generative AI, ChatGPT, is designed for conversations.

NonprofitOS’ is different than ChatGPT in many ways. NonprofitOS was designed by nonprofit experts, and its language model leverages human science and data to understand the drivers of donor behaviors and the ideal communication approach (e.g. empathy-driven content that inspires action). NonprofitOS’ model learns exclusively from nonprofit users, and can be fine-tuned to specific sectors (e.g. healthcare, arts, human services).

ChatGPT is a static model with a fixed knowledge base and parameters, and your interactions with ChatGPT do not have a lasting impact on the model itself. In contrast, NonprofitOS continuously adapts and fine-tunes its output to better align with your needs (such as language preferences, brand identity, and donor personas).

Here’s a Real-Life Example:

Here’s just ONE example (of many) of how you might use these two platforms together:

Imagine your organization wants to expand its planned giving program. You log into iWave and segment your donor list to show the top planned giving prospects (this, of course, considers multiple factors such as their age, linkage to your cause, and their giving history). Now you have a list of 100 new ideal planned giving prospects. First step, complete.

Now, you need to figure out what your message will be and how to craft your email campaign appeal to these new constituents. Simply flip over to NonprofitOS and enter the following: your organization’s mission, the cause you want your audience to advocate for (such as arts or the environment), indicate which gift type you’d like them to consider (can be multiple), what the funds would be used for, and then press “generate response”.

In seconds, your tailored draft emails are created, and from directly within the platform, you can refine them as needed. Paste the final copy into your email delivery platform, and send. You’ve gotten hours back in your week, and we are ready to move on to your next area of focus.

And, the best part? This is just the beginning of what’s possible with iWave and NonprofitOS working together. Stay tuned for more innovation and automation that will truly set a new standard for modern fundraising.

The “Why” Behind the AI – What Does This Mean for the Nonprofit Sector?

We spoke to iWave’s CEO, Craig O’Neill, and NonprofitOS Founder, Cherian Koshy, CFRE, to dig deeper into the origins of these products and what this means for the future of fundraising.

Cherian, tell us about the beginnings of NonprofitOS; why did you create it?

My drive to create and share NonprofitOS was born out of necessity, innovation, and a deep-rooted desire to serve the social impact community. When the pandemic hit, funding dwindled in our nonprofit, and our staff was drastically reduced. Suddenly, I found myself in the thick of it, grappling with the challenge of doing more with less, a reality that many nonprofits still face today. I realized that if I wanted to meet my fundraising goals, I couldn’t start with a blank page and do everything I needed to do, and knew I had to, with my team and our stakeholders. While the philanthropic landscape is changing, tried-and-true principles of donor engagement are the same. Data, AI, and automation can leverage the expertise and lived experience of nonprofit pros and unlock a seachange of generosity.

Craig, why did it make so much sense to make NonprofitOS an iWave product?

At iWave, we are committed to creating solutions that help fundraising professionals understand their donors on a deeper level, and to help them communicate and engage with them more effectively. Ultimately, we are creating a platform that brings together big data, automation and AI to power modern fundraising efforts. So when I saw what Cherian had created with NonprofitOS, and how this purpose-built AI could accomplish even more with insights from iWave, the opportunity was clear. I’m so excited to see what our clients will be able to accomplish using iWave and NonprofitOS together to understand and engage their donors.

It’s Time to Learn More and See it in Action

Get the on demand session with Craig, Cherian, and iWave’s Lead Fundraising Coach, T. Clay Buck, CFRE. iWave Launches Generative AI with NonprofitOS, they talked more about the launch of this revolutionary technology. During the session, they shared more about the benefits of generative AI for nonprofits, demonstrated NonprofitOS in action, and dove deeper into how combined, iWave and NonprofitOS helps nonprofit organizations expand their reach, more actively engage donors, and ultimately have a greater impact on the causes they care about.

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