Beyond Giving Tuesday: Maximizing Momentum for Future Success

Recorded on: November 30, 2023

As the excitement of Giving Tuesday fades, it’s crucial to maintain the momentum and build lasting relationships with your donors. This session will guide you through practical and effective strategies to keep your Giving Tuesday donors engaged and supportive on Wednesday and beyond. Whether you’re a small local nonprofit or a large organization, you’ll gain valuable insights on expressing gratitude to donors, analyzing your Giving Tuesday outcomes, and leveraging these insights for your next fundraising appeal. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your Giving Tuesday success into a springboard for future fundraising triumphs!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Innovative Donor Appreciation Techniques: Learn creative and impactful ways to express gratitude to your donors, ensuring they feel valued and are more likely to continue their support.
  • Effective Analysis of Giving Tuesday Results: Gain expertise in analyzing your Giving Tuesday campaign to understand donor behavior, identify successful elements, and areas for improvement.
  • Sustaining Donor Engagement: Explore methods to keep the conversation going with your donors, keeping them informed and involved with your cause.
  • Leveraging Social Media Post-Giving Tuesday: Understand how to effectively use social media platforms to maintain donor interest and attract new supporters.
  • Developing a Year-Round Fundraising Strategy: Learn how to integrate the momentum of Giving Tuesday into a comprehensive, year-round fundraising strategy that maximizes donor retention and support.