Embracing Ambition – Overcoming The 5 Pillars To Be An Extraordinary Woman Leader

Recorded on: March 12, 2024

Women leaders have successfully reclaimed the word Ambition. And yet, the obstacles to success women encounter along their career journey still exist. In this webinar, Jenny Mitchell will unpack the 5 pillars to overcome to step into leadership. These pillars are identified in Jenny Mitchell’s new book Embracing Ambition: Empowering Women to Step Out, Be Seen, and Lead.

Joining her on the webinar will be Mary Côté, Vice President of Product at iWave. Mary will speak to the obstacles, how she overcame them to become a leader in the software development space, and advice for emerging women leaders in all sectors.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to identify obstacles that are holding you back from your next career move.
  • Tools to address these obstacles in a strategic, respectful, and successful way, every time!
  • A list of habits that hold women back from stepping into the driver’s seat in their careers and lives…and advice on how to erase those habits forever!