Giving USA 2023: An in-depth review with industry experts

Recorded on: June 20, 2023

Each year, the nonprofit sector gains a wealth of data on philanthropy in the United States through the annual Giving USA Report. In this engaging session, T. Clay Buck, CFRE, Principal and Founder of TCB Fundraising and iWave’s Lead Fundraising Coach and Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE, of Windmill Hill Consulting, will delve into the findings from the report, with special focus on the origins of generosity, the causes close to donors’ hearts, and the various factors that influence these matters.

Not only will this session provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the philanthropic landscape in 2022 and the projected trends for 2023, but it will also equip you with helpful insights and practical guidance.

You’ll leave with an understanding of:

  • how to incorporate the findings into your strategic fundraising plan;
  • the current demographic and philanthropic trends (who is giving and where they are giving); and
  • the tools and tactics you can use to make sense of it all and how to apply them to your unique fundraising initiatives.

Join us for this ‘can’t miss’ session!