Data as your Organization’s Indispensable Employee: Mastering the Data Life Cycle for Fundraising Success

Recorded on: September 21, 2023

This webinar is eligible for 1 CFRE.

Your data deserves strategic management to effectively contribute to your fundraising success. Working through the data life cycle process, Liz will share how to maximize your data’s potential in support of data inspired decisions.

She will draw parallels between the data life cycle and the journey of an employee within your organization. From the moment data ‘joins the team’ through to its retirement, she will explore the essential states of data management including: data governance, data acquisition, data integrity, and data deletion.

Attendees will receive Liz’s essential data integrity checklist and a chance to have their data governance policy reviewed.

Don’t miss this opportunity to reframe your approach to data management in support of data-inspired decisions for fundraising success.